Nice Pie Awards




Good Food Award Winner 2017 


Great British Food Awards 2016


                                            WINNER! Lamb, Pea & Mint 


                                          Our British Pie Awards 2016


   Chicken & Herb Class -  Champion Award for Chicken Champagne & Truffle

   Fish Class - Highley Recommended Award for  A Very Fine Smoked Salmon &      Caviar Pie ( Katharine Walmsley Fine Foods)


                     Gold Award - Steak, Roasted Onion & Cheddar Pie

                     Gold Award - Chicken Champagne & Truffle

                     Gold Award - Smoked Salmon & Caviar 

                     Gold - British Rabbit & Maderia Pie

                     Silver - Beef & Horseradish Pie

                     Silver - Beef Bourguignon Pie

                     Sliver - Lamb, Pea & Mint Pie

                     Silver - Seafood Pie

                     Silver - Beetroot, Potato & Cheese Pie


Great Food Awards 2015

Shortlisted - Producer category Leicestershire & Rutland


Our Traditional & Exotic British Pie Award Winning Pies 2015 


Lamb Class - Champion Award for Lamb Shank Pie 

Speciality Class Brides Pie - Champion Award for Chicken, Champange & Truffle 

Beef Class - Third in Class Gold Award  - for Peppercorn & Brandy Steak Pie 

Sweet Potato Pie - Bronze Award

Kangaroo Pie - Bronze Award

Bison & Beer Pie - Bronze Award

Red Stag Pie - Bronze Award 


The Quality Food & Drink Awards are the most difficult accolades to win in the food and drink industry.

We are so proud to have been shortlisted in the Quality Food Awards 2014!


Quality Food Awards 2014

Highly Commended


Chicken, Smoked Ham & Wild Mushroom


The Great Taste Awards are a benchmark for fine foods.

All entries must undergo rigorous tests by a specially selected independent panel

of experts including leading chefs, buyers & critics, we are so proud to be part of the

Great Taste Awards and producing some of the finest food available.


Our Great Taste

Gold Award 1 Star 2014 


Smoked Salmon & Broccoli…



Our Traditional & Exotic  Award Winning Pies of the

British Pie Awards 2014…


Champion Small Producer 2014

Chicken Bacon & Mushroom  – Class Champion Award

Smoked Salmon & Broccoli – Class Champion Award

Hero Pie – Steak & Kidney – Third in Class Award

Cherry Delight – Third in Class Award

Hero Pie – Steak & Kidney – Gold Award

Chicken Bacon & Mushroom – Gold Award

Steak & Ale – Gold Award

Steak & Stilton – Gold Award

Squirrel Pie – Gold Award

Smoked Salmon & Broccoli – Silver Award

Chicken Pot Pie – Bronze Award

Cherry Delight – Bronze Award


Our Traditional & Exotic  Award Wining Pies of the

British Pie Awards 2013


Creamy Cheese and Vegetable Pie – British Pie Silver Award


Chicken, Ham Leek & Potato Pie – British Pie Bronze Award


Minced Beef & Onion Pie – British Pie Bronze Award


Buffalo Pie – British Pie Bronze Award


Our Great Taste Gold Award 1 Star 2013  


Steak In a Rich Red Wine Gravy