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We are proud to announce we now produce our very own

Nice Pork Pie's!

The provenance and quality of our Nice Pork Pies is very important to us, the meat used is fresh British chopped pork which is naturally grey when cooked is also well seasoned with salt and pepper. Our pies are handmade using our own recipe hot water crust pastry, well jellied with our own bone stock jelly and of course our pies are made in our bakery in Old Dalby, Melton Mowbray! 


Filming with Jamie Oliver 

              Back in June 2014 we got a call from Jamie Oliver's production company who, having researched us and our

              mutli award winning and unusual pies, invited us to take part in the show Friday Night Feast with Jamie and 

              co presenter Jimmy Doherty. Some of our pies and products were delivered to Jamie for his approval, in no time 

              at all we got the call to say 'Jamie thoroughly enjoyed the products' and there you have it, approval from 

              the best Celebrity Chef in the World! 

              Following a number of phone calls and meetings, Jamie & Jimmy arrived at our farm with a full film crew and

              filming began!

              Featured on the show was one of our more unusual local pie ingredients - all was revealed on

              Friday 13th February 8pm Channel 4 

              Since our Gold Award winning Squirrel Pie was featured on the show, sales have gone through the roof! 






 Get The Door, It's 
      Nice Pie! 

    Thank you to everyone who has looked at our site (all 146,000 of you) in the three weeks since we were featured         on Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, we have been busy with demand! 


Tel: 07531641893
E-mail: nicepie@outlook.com

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